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Præsentationer fra Danish Maritime Technology Conference

Danish Maritime thanks all participants for a successful Danish Maritime Technology Conference during Danish Maritime Days 2016 this October

The two conference days offered interesting presentations, in-depth sessions and discussions about advanced maritime technologies and challenges for the maritime industry.  

See and download the presentations here:

Day 1

Morning Session: Digitization –  Maritime Game Changing Innovation

Remi Eriksen, Group President & CEO, DNV GL: What does the future hold for shipping?

Stefan Matias Nygård, General Manager Portfolio Management, Wärtsilä: Digitalisation in the Marine Industry

Afternoon session: Energy Efficiency – Optimizing the Maritime Industry

Ole Grøne, Senior Vice President, Promotion and Sales, MAN Diesel & Turbo: The New Generation of Two-Stroke Engines

Søren Hattel, Team Leader, Hydro and Aerodynamics Department, FORCE Technology:Opening the Market for Vessel Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Keynote speakers: 


Tomas Lagerberg, Manager Automation Technologies, ABB: Digitalization - The Fourth Industrial Revolution!?

Anna Margrét Kornelíusdóttir, Researcher, Nordic Marina, network for alternative fuels: Pushing the Green Transport Movement out to Sea


Day 2

Morning Session: Ship Design –  Building Ships for the Future

Gert Jørgensen, CEO, Inrotech: Robotization and Ship Design

René Sejer Laursen, Promotion Manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo: Mulitifuel Engines – Designed for a Greener Future

Kim Strate Kiegstad, Global Account Manager, Siemens Marine & Shipbuilding: Electrical Ferries – When Technology Becomes Profitable and Environmentally Friendly

Thomas Eefsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Odense Maritime Technology: Designing Ships for Today, While Preparing for the Future

Afternoon Session: Meeting Environmental Regulations, Maritime Risk and Safety Demands


Martin John, Director, Ship survey and Certification, Danish Maritime Authority

Michel Schilling, Vice Director, Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Kent Mølsted, Manager Rules & Regulations, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

Ulrik Frenander, Division Manager Marine & Diesel, Alfa Laval Nordic

Keynote speakers:

Brent Perry, CEO, PBES: The Role of Energy Storage for Sustainable Marine Transportation



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