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Møde i CESS den 2. september

Medlemmer fra Japan, Europa, Kina, Korea og USA var samlet for at diskutere nøgleområder vedrørende den globale skibsbygningsindustri. Læs pressemeddelelsen her.

CESS, Committee for Expertise of Shipbuilding Specifics held its annual meeting in Hamburg on 2nd September 2009 where the members associations Japan, Europe, China Korea and U.S.A. gathered and discussed key issues surrounding the global shipbuilding industry.


The meeting focused on the review of its activities in the past year and what activities will be expected in the year ahead, and exchanged views to seek further cooperation in voicing common opinion on important issues.


The meeting agreed that the CESS contributed to strengthening of its recognition within the maritime sector in the past year and that there is a further need to appeal to the related industries for practical solutions involving the shipbuilding industry.


The subjects of discussion encompassed the ongoing issues related to ship’s structures and coating standards, with particular attention to the intellectual property right protection which from previous years CESS made efforts in promoting awareness to the related industries, but now culminated into a practical discussion in connection with the GBS Ship Construction File. While shipbuilders are fully committed to ship safety and protection of environment, CESS continues to make its appeal that intellectual property protection is the essential element in ensuring future development of technology that will contribute to future development of the maritime industry as a whole.


The report on Port State Control activities both in Paris and Tokyo MOU during 2008 were made, and it was noted that both regions were steadily carrying out their activities as in the previous years. The common observation from the report was that failures and losses are largely dependent on management of ships, and it will be necessary to emphasise the importance of carrying out proper repair and maintenance timely. The meeting addressed its concerns that comparison of the past 3 years to 2008 showed that the performance in terms of deficiencies and detentions continues to deteriorateand with further concerns that the possible negative effect due to financial crisis in the later part of 2008 is yet to be reflected in the coming year, the meeting concluded that a careful follow-up will be necessary to look into the causal link of the undesirable trend which may not only be attributable to ageing of the ships.


CESS member associations agreed to support the continuation of the activities and discussed future plans to intensify its activites through even closer coordination, and CESS was encouraged to report the results of this meeting to JECKU Top Executive Meeting scheduled to take place in Berlin on 28-30 October 2009.


Dave Iwamoto

CESS Chairman

c/o The Shipbuilders’ Association of Japan

2-2 Toranomon 3-chome, Minato-ku

Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

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