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Nordhavn ready with new department

Press release from Nordhavn Marine & Offshore:

Nordhavn Marine & Offshore A/S is experiencing a great demand for repair of cylinder heads. Now the company has established a new department for the repair of cylinder heads from all brands of running engines, both diesel and gasoline powered.

"Our service people sometimes experienced long response time when new cylinder heads were ordered, especially for older engines and discontinued models. Therefore there was a great demand by customers in a here and now solution. This is what we can offer with the new department," says Jørk Rudolph, sales manager at [Nordhavn Marine & Offshore A/S].

With the establishment of the new department, Nordhavn now has the opportunity to limit the time a ship is lying still and waiting for a new cylinder head. The company has more than 60 years of experience in providing both complex solutions and parts for diesel engines, generator sets, diesel generators and emergency power systems in the marine, offshore and industrial. The technicians of Nordhavn are available 24 hours a day worldwide.

Nordhavn products are based on well-known brands as Sisu and Scania, but in the new department all brands from fast running engines are renovated. This is something that saves customers time and money, and something that fills the workshop up at Nordhavn with cylinder heads, which after a loving treatment has many years in them yet. Some heads should change defective parts, others must be cleaned of impurities, which means that they cannot keep up compression.

"And although we have not marketed the new department, there are already very busy. Therefore, we see great potential in it and have high expectations, "says Jørk Rudolph.

Source: [Nordhavn Marine & Offshore] / Maritime Denmark


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