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Denmark and India sign a cooperation agreement for the maritime sector

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Mrs. Jenny N. Braat, managing director of Danish Maritime, and Mr. Ajay Bhadoo, IAS - VC & CEO

The first maritime cooperation agreement between India and Denmark was signed today. The ceremony took place during an official trade visit by the Danish minister of climate and energy. Subsequently OMT – a Danish company based on Fyn – signed two agreements.

This morning Thursday, January 12, 2017, Danish Maritime and the Indian Gujarat Maritime Board signed the first maritime cooperation agreement between Denmark and India in modern times.

The agreement was signed by Jenny N. Braat, managing director of Danish Maritime, and Mr. Ajay Bhadoo, IAS - VC & CEO, GMB Gujarat Maritime Board, in the presence of the Danish minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Mr. Lars Chr. Lilleholt, and Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadakari, Government of India.

The signature took place during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in Ahmedabad, where for the first time Denmark was invited as partner country.

"The maritime industry is an important industry for Denmark with high employment and high growth potential. I am therefore pleased that during our visit we have seen immense interest both official and commercial in the maritime field. I am also pleased that the industry follows through and sets up a cooperation agreement" says the Danish minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

The agreement will provide a framework for developing cooperation between the Danish maritime industry and the Indian maritime industry in Gujarat in particular in the fields of green shipbuilding and the construction of Navy vessels.

"India particularly requires our expertise in green technology for commercial shipping and the design of modern warships. We see India as a growth market. But even though we have now opened the dialogue, there may well be some time until the first concrete orders. Things take time," says Jenny N. Braat, Danish Maritime.

The agreement is a so-called Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). It also provides a framework for cooperation in the fields of technology innovation and development of equipment to enhance maritime safety. The co-operation is likely to take the form of joint projects and dialogues on policy and discussions of a technical, maritime nature.

Several Danish maritime companies are operating in India, including Hempel, Alfa Laval, DESMI, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment and Odense Maritime Technology (OMT). Among the participants in the Danish business delegation this week are Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine A/S and OMT.

Later in the day OMT signed two cooperation agreements with Indian partners: Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineering Ltd. and ABG Shipyard Ltd. This followed the general agreement between the Danish Maritime and the Indian trade.

"We already have operations in India, but would like more access to the market. Thar is why we are pleased that the Minister is engaged and that Danish Maritimes has paved the way and with this agreement created a framework that we can work with" says Erik Hansen, Vice President Project Execution, OMT.

Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine is also satisfied with the achievement.

"We find the Minister's active support very positive for the maritime industry, as is this cooperation agreement signed by Danish Maritime. It will undoubtedly enhance ours and other Danish maritime industries' efforts in the Indian market" says President. CEO Kjeld Dittmann, who is also chairman of European maritime trade association SEA Europe.

The Indian government has previously launched The Maritime Agenda 2010-2020, which is an ambitious and comprehensive vision for the entire maritime sector in India. The plan foresees spending 80 billion US dollars for i.a. expanding ports and developing shipping and shipbuilding industries.

Danish Maritime and the Gujarat Maritime Board will act as coordinators for activities under the Cooperation Agreement. The agreement runs for one year with possibility of extension.

The Memorandum of Understanding for Marine Cooperation and Shipbuilding 

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