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Patent filed for innovative Safety Ladder from Port-Safety

Press release from Port-Safety:

LifeLadder 600x337 maj 2017

A new company has emerged. It is aimed at saving lives by improving safety at ports and public quay walls. The company is Port-Safety.

“We have created an innovative product improving safety at ports and cities globally. The product is called LifeLadder, and we are pleased to announce our patent for LifeLadder now has been filed,” says Kim U. Haaning, Managing Director of Port-Safety. ”LifeLadder has the potential to save lives, as it makes the access to safety visible to the person in distress both day and night”.

Traditional safety ladders of galvanized steel have not changed for decades. The material is not visible, and it is corrosive. This presents challenges for safety and for costs.

LifeLadder is a new and innovative safety ladder for the quay wall. It addresses the two problems: Visibility and maintenance.

LifeLadder is made of maintenance-free, reinforced synthetic modules in a bright, yellow color that ensures visibility during daytime. Solar-powered LED lights provide visibility at night, easy recognition of the access to rescue and thereby a clear direction to safety.

“We are excited to share this news with you, and to see LifeLadder contributing to the continued efforts for improved safety. We are meeting great interest and have established corporation with initial ports, municipalities and agents, and we look forward to expand on this,” says Kim U. Haaning.

For enquires please contact Port-Safety on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can sign up for updates about LifeLadder on http://port-safety.com/stay-tuned.html or follow Port-Safety on LinkedIn

About Port-Safety
Founded in 2017 Port-Safety is a start-up aimed at saving lives by improving safety in ports and along quay walls globally. The company was founded by Stefan U. Kaplan, Lars T. Myrhøj and Kim U. Haaning. The team has significant global experience in industrial design and maritime safety.


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