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Sino-Danish Marine Event in Shanghai

Today, Danish Maritime hosted a maritime seminar in Shanghai with the participation of approx.  . 100 highly ranked representatives from the Danish and Chinese maritime industry. The seminar was arranged in cooperation with The Danish Trade Council and the Danish Export Association and was financed by The Danish Maritime Fund.

The seminar was opened by the Prime Minister of Denmark H.E. Helle Thorning-Schmidt. In her speech, the prime minister stressed China’s importance for Danish shipping and the Danish maritime industry. Furthermore, she emphasized the strong position on the global market of the Danish maritime equipment makers and service providers, not least in the Chinese market.

In her presentations, Managing Director of Danish Maritime, Jenny N. Braat, underlined that, as the world’s largest shipbuilding nation, China is a vital market for Danish maritime suppliers. The Danish maritime equipment and service businesses, being strongly globally focused, have a vast competitive advantage in the Chinese market in their supply of high-tech quality solutions and their environmentally and climate friendly products and methods of production. Jenny N. Braat underscored that there is still room, though, for expanding upon the cooperation between the Chinese shipbuilding industry and the Danish maritime suppliers, particularly as Chinese shipyards increasingly demand sustainable, innovative solutions - the exact key strength of Danish maritime suppliers.  



At present, China is the world’s largest shipbuilding nation, though not the strongest supplier of high-tech solutions in its field. A cornerstone for Danish maritime businesses is their mastery of high-tech maritime technology. According to the new Chinese five year plan, the Chinese shipping industry is to improve its energy efficiency by 16 %. Since Danish businesses are among the leaders in green maritime solutions the Chinese five year plan will increase the possibility of an expanded maritime cooperation between Denmark and China. Denmark is home to several world leading businesses within the field of development of environmental and climate friendly maritime products. Further, the industry cooperates on green projects, e.g. in the Retrofitting Project, headed by Danish Maritime, which focuses on green solutions for existing ships, and on Green Ship of the Future which comprises a string of projects for the development of  green solutions for primarily new ships.

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