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Press release from CESA

Wind power and shipyard industries make joiny call for investments in ships for offshore wind expansion.
The Community of European Shipyards’ Association (CESA) and the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) are calling on the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support the building of new ships to serve the expanding offshore wind energy market over the coming years.

CESA and EWEA urge the European Commission to develop programmes and funding mechanisms, and for the European Investment Bank to take the necessary measures to support the risk related to the necessary significant investments, to ensure that a sufficient number of installation vessels are available to the offshore wind industry. They also argue that the offshore wind power industry should be identified
as a key industry in the EU’s 2020 strategy for smart, green growth.

Investments in new ships totalling €2.4 billion are needed for the predicted growth of offshore wind. By 2020, the installation of thousands of offshore wind turbines, as well as the necessary substructures and cables, is foreseen.

“From 2020 we will see 40,000 MWs per year built offshore” said Eddie O’Connor, founder and CEO of Mainstream Renewables and EWEA Secretary. “This will require ten to twelve new heavy lift vessels, other vessels for transporting foundations, towers, nacelles and blading systems. New ports will have to be built across Europe.”

“European shipyards provide the necessary engineering power to develop innovative solutions for dedicated offshore equipment” Reinhard Lüken, Secretary General of CESA said. “Together European industry holds unique capabilities to drive fast growth towards the green revolution of sustainable energy production.”

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