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New HEMPASIL X3 hydrogel silicone fouling release guarantees fuel

New HEMPASIL X3 hydrogel silicone fouling release guarantees fuel
For the first time, shipowners can use a fouling release system that guarantees to reduce a vessel’s fuel consumption by at least 4-8 per cent within the first year, depending on the type of ship.
HEMPASIL X3, a new third-generation system launched by Hempel A/S end of November 2008, has already been proven in sea trials. It’s been shown to cut a vessel’s fuel bill by up to USD 1.5 million each year* – and can also significantly lower CO2 emissions to reduce a vessel’s carbon footprint.
The HEMPASIL X3 system is the only fouling release system in the industry to feature pioneering hydrogel technology. The system comes as a package that includes the paint system, the fuel saving guarantee and a third-party fuel monitoring system, making it simple for users to really measure the fuel saving benefits.
“This is the first time that a paint supplier has offered a complete fouling release package that gives the ship operator a fuel performance monitoring tool and guarantees a fast return on investment based on fuel savings,” says Torben Rasmussen, Group Product Manager at Hempel.
HEMPASIL X3 uses hydrogel silicone to prevent fouling on a vessel’s hull. The concept is simple: the super water-absorbent hydrogel forms a polymeric network over the hull. Organisms perceive the hull as a liquid and not a solid surface – and as a result, don’t try to catch hold. The hydrogel layer is effectively backed up by silicone, known for its self-cleaning properties.
HEMPASIL X3 can be specified for 90-month service intervals, and unlike other fouling release products it works at speeds as low as 8 knots and is still effective at 50 per cent activity levels. This means longer intervals between dry docking, and at the same time makes fouling release coatings relevant for a greater range of ships.
The fuel saving effects of HEMPASIL X3 have been documented through extensive towing tank studies and confirmed by real-life applications on more than 20 vessels. As part of the package, customers also receive a third-party fuel monitoring system – SeaTrend from FORCE Technology – that measures and documents fuel savings.
Kjeld Roar Jensen, Product Manager at FORCE Technology, explains: “A system like SeaTrend is absolutely essential to make a sound evaluation of a ship’s fuel performance and, in particular, assess the performance of the hull and propeller.”
As well as cutting fuel bills, HEMPASIL X3 can also reduce a vessel’s CO2 emissions – a valuable asset as many shipowners strive to reduce their fleet’s carbon footprint. Torben Rasmussen comments: “HEMPASIL X3 can also significantly reduce the carbon footprint for ship operators. To put it in perspective, if the entire world fleet cut fuel consumption by 8 per cent, the fleet’s carbon footprint would drop by 80 million tonnes per year – that’s a reduction equal to the yearly CO2 emissions of the Philippines.”

*For a large crude carrier with an activity level of 80 %

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