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The European Union supports removing of dangerous South Korean valves from all Danish ships

Commission recommends to follow the Danish lead
The use of South Korean relief valves model NEW-ISO-HV, manufactured by TANKTECH Co., are intended to prevent overpressure in tanks and stop the passage of flames into the cargo tanks on tankers, but the Korean valves fail to comply with international requirements.

Danish Maritime and our member Pres-Vac Engineering have, with the Danish authorities, assisted the Commission in bringing the matter to light. The hearing has regrettably taken too long considering the threat to the safety of ships.

On the basis of its investigations the Commission has now decided to uphold the Danish ban that the Commission finds “adequate and proportionate”. The Commission recommends that the other member states take all the precautionary measures considered necessary in respect of the TANKTECH valves until the valves are proven to comply with the requirements. Besides the ban on installing the NEW-ISO-HV valves the Commission’s decision implies that valves already installed should be removed and substituted by types that comply with the requirements.

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