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JECKU Top Executive Meeting in Maastricht on the 14th of October

Danish Maritime is concerned that further expansion of shipbuilding capacity may lead to imbalances and overcapacity
The JECKU meeting in Maastricht on the 14th of October established that responsibility is needed from the side of the supply. Danish Maritime hopes this will help to avoid an expansion of shipbuilding capacity beyond what the market can bear. The positive evolution of demand has led to modest improvement of prices, but has been combined with considerable increases in the cost of basic materials such as steel.

At the meeting it was also stated that the shipbuilding industry will continue their efforts for safer and cleaner seas through their co-operation in the fight against substandard ships.

JECKU is short for ’Japan Europe China Korea USA’, and the meeting is an annual event between executives from leading shipbuilding companies from the countries mentioned above.

Follow the link below if you want to read the press release about the JECKU meeting.
Press release

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